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We are committed to sharing our science


Come See Who We Are

And What We do

The Zanno Lab is proud to partner with an amazing team of scientists and educators who are passionate about breaking down barriers between scientists and the communities we serve, and dedicated to the idea that sustainable science involves public support. We demonstrate this commitment every day at our home base, The Paleontology Research Lab, in the innovative Nature Research Center at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  This glass-walled research space is on exhibit and free to view to the museum's > 1M visitor per year.


Our efforts target four main areas of urgent need: 1) enhancing transparency of the scientific enterprise to garner understanding, trust, excitement, and support amongst public audiences; 2) demystifying science research and empowering the public to address societal challenges by creating opportunities for participation in authentic scientific research (citizen science); 3) blending science communication and community engagement into student learning within science courses; and 4) intentionally promoting diversity in STEM by creating research, training, and mentoring opportunities for youth.

Together, the Zanno Lab leads an array of public programs and creates a myriad of communication products designed to reach diverse audiences including public presentations, behind-the-sciences lab tours, outreach events, exhibitions, documentaries, STEM videos, websites, media appearances, popular publications, and much, much more. 


Our staff and students also give behind-the-scenes tours of the Zanno Lab to thousands of people annually. Want to talk to our scientists directly from the field?  We live stream back to the museum from our field site to give you real time updates on our expeditions.  You can check the museum’s Daily Planet schedule for opportunities to hear about our research live and talk to members of the lab. Or connect with us online through our science communication hub: and our Twitter feed @expeditionlive. 

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