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Current Graduate Students

Haviv Avrahami
PhD expected 2023

"An exceptional assemblage of orodromine dinosaur remains,  from the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Mussentuchit Member of the CMF, Utah"

Josh Hedge
PhD expected 2024

"Ornamentation in Elongatoolithid Eggs and the Implications for Dinosaur Reproductive Ecology"

Kyla Beguesse
PhD expected 2023

“A new approach for identifying pathologic bone in extant and extinct archosaurian species”

Nathan McCuen
MS expected spring 2024
Willie Freimuth
PhD expected 2024

therizinosaur systematics and paleobiology


Khai Button
khai mug shot.jpg
PhD 2018
"Quantifying Beak Shape and Soft Tissue Ecomorphology of Avian and Non-Avian Dinosaurs"
Lisa Herzog
2014 MT Herzog 2.jpg
MS 2019
"Morphological Characteristics and Variability of Helochelydrid Turtles in North America: evidence for a new species"
Susan Drymala
MS 2014
"A New Paracrocodylomorph (Archosauria, Suchia) from the Late Triassic of North Carolina"
Evan Jevnikar
20190423_145453 (1).jpg
MS 2021

"A comprehensive ontogenetic analysis of Tarbosaurus bataar provides insights into intraskeletal and individual variation of tyrannosaurid growth"

Jens Kosch
Jens thumbnail.jpg
MS 2020
"Sampling Impacts Assessments of Tooth Growth and Replacement Rates in Archosaurs: implications for paleontological studies"
Haviv Avrahami
MS 2019

"Paleobiodiversity of a new microvertebrate locality from the Upper Cretaceous Mussentuchit Member, Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah: testing morphometric multivariate approaches for quantifying shape variation in microvertebrate specimens"

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