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Other Archosaurs & More

Crocodylomorphs, Triassic ecosystems, turtles, sharks, tracks, traces, and beyond...

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Selected Publications

Schwab JA, Young MT, Neenan JM, Walsh S, Witmer LM, Herrera Y, Zanno LE, Brusatte SL. 2020. Inner Ear Sensory System Changes as Extinct Crocodylomorphs Transitioned from Land to Water. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA; PNAS first published April 20, 2020


Hoffman DK, Heckert AB, Zanno LE. 2018. Disparate growth strategies within Aetosauria: novel histologic data from the aetosaur Coahomasuchus chathamensis. The Anatomical Record. First Look


Hoffman DK, Heckert AB, Zanno LE. 2018 Under the armor: X-ray computed tomographic reconstruction of the internal skeleton of Coahomasuchus chathamensis (Archosauria: Aetosauria) from the Upper Triassic of North Carolina, USA, and a phylogenetic analysis of Aetosauria. PeerJ 6:e4368


Drymala SD, Zanno LE. 2016. Osteology of Carnufex carolinensis (Archosauria: Psuedosuchia) from the Pekin Formation of North Carolina and Its Implications for Early Crocodylomorph Evolution. PLoS ONE 11(6): e0157528. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0157528


Zanno LE, Drymala SD, Nesbitt SJ, Schneider VP. 2015. Early crocodylomorph increases top predator diversity during rise of dinosaurs. Sci. Rep. 5:9276. doi:10.1038/srep09276.§*

§Ranked in the top 100 of 11,000 manuscripts published by Scientific Reports in 2015. 

*Altmetric Score as of 3/8/2019: 99th percentile (ranked 459th) of the 219,743 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals and 99th percentile (ranked 6th) of the 3,072 tracked articles of a similar age in Scientific Reports


Zanno LE, Heckert AB, Kryzyzanowski SE, Lucas SG. 2002. Diminutive Metoposaurid skulls from the Upper Triassic Blue Hills (Adamanian: latest Carnian) of Arizona. In Heckert AB, Lucas SG, editors. Upper Triassic Stratigraphy and Paleontology. Albuquerque: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin. 21:121–125.

Miller HS, Avrahami HM, Zanno LE. Submitted. Dental pathology in Chondrichthyes represents first documentation of gemination outside Mammalia. J Vert Paleontol Progr Abstr

Herzog L, Makovicky PJ, Zanno LE. 2019. Comparative Osteology Of Entoplastra Reveals Their Diagnostic Utility For Differentiating North American Helochelydrid Species. J Vert Paleontol Progr Abstr, 2019, 117

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