Despite 230 million years of global warming and cooling, sea-level rise and fall, drifting continents, and cataclysmic extinction, dinosaurs still reign as the most speciose group of terrestrial vertebrates. The Zanno Lab studies the evolutionary history of dinosaurs and other archosaurs and the terrestrial ecosystems they inhabited during the Mesozoic.

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Summer 2021


Next Jurassic Foundation Grant Proposal Deadline


Tempo and Pattern of Avian Brain Size Evolution

Inner ear sensory system changes as extinct crocodylomorphs transitioned from land to water

Sampling impacts the assessment of tooth growth and replacement rates in archosaurs: implications for paleontological studies

The Complete Dinosaur 3rd Edition

A crowd-sourced public paleontology book that answers what you want to know about dinosaurs

Edited by: Victoria Arbour, Thomas Holtz, & Lindsay Zanno

Coming in 2022!
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