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PArtnerShip for Southeast Asian Geological Exploration
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The Khorat Plateau, connecting Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, contains one of the richest Cretaceous rock records in Southeastern Asia.  PasSaGe brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts to synthesize paleontological, sedimentological, stratigraphical, geochronological & geochemical data in the region.  Our goal is to better understand the evolution of terrestrial ecosystems in Southeastern Asia and compare these trends with what's happening further north in the well-studied regions of China and Mongolia, and with our temporally comparable projects in North America.

PasSaGE Team: Drs Lindsay Zanno, Terry Gates, Ethan Hyland [North Carolina State University, USA], Dr. Ryan Tucker [Stellenbosch University, South Africa], Dr. Wasinee Aswasereelert [Kasetsart University, Thailand], Dr. Ryan King [Western Colorado University, USA], Dr. Rattanaphorn Hanta [Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand] and Dr. Apsorn Sardsud & Sasa-on Khunsubha [Department of Mineral Resources, Thailand]

Current Field Areas

Sao Khua, Phu Phan, & Khok Kruat formations, Khorat Plateau, Thailand

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In December 2019 the PasSaGE team hosted a three-day international symposium in Bangkok, Thailand. The symposium opened with a full-day of research presentations summarizing the current state of knowledge about southeastern Asian geology and paleontology including keynote presentations focusing on the challenges and opportunities for research in the region. Talks were followed by three workshops that provided hands-on training in the latest methodologies for dating the fossil record; palaeoenvironmental reconstruction; data visualization, sharing, and accessibility; and specimen conservation.

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