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Connect with Us!

Interested in what we're discovering? We regularly live stream and tweet direct from our annual expeditions to public audiences and can answer your questions.


Our team of paleontologists, students, and volunteers conduct annual expeditions to collect dinosaur and other vertebrate fossils from around the world.  If you're interested in learning more about paleontological fieldwork, want to be the first to know about new dinosaur discoveries, or just want to connect with the expedition team you've come to the right place.  We live stream back to the museum from the field to give you real time updates on our expeditions,

connecting you to real science, in real time. 


Connect via the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences YouTube channel to talk with us live from our expeditions between May and October each year. Ask us your questions and meet one of our scientists.

2022 Live Stream Event Schedule

Menefee Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: May 26th 12pm EDT

Moreno Hill Formation, Zuni Basin, New Mexico: June 3rd 12pm EDT

Crystal Geyser Quarry, central Utah: June 23rd 12pm EDT

Mussentuchit Member, San Rafael Swell, central Utah: August 6th 12pm EDT

Hell Creek Formation, Montana: August 26th 12pm EDT

We also tweet and post on Instagram from our annual expeditions, keeping you up-to-date on the latest discoveries. 

Welcome to ExpeditionLive!

the Real-Time Expedition Hub for the Zanno Lab

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The fossils we bring back from our field expeditions are removed from their plaster jackets and prepared live in the Paleontology Research Lab on the 3rd floor of the Nature Research Center wing of the museum. If you visit the lab you can observe our staff and volunteers hard at work preparing our newly collected fossils for scientific research.


View the Archived Live-Stream Events

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