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Zanno Lab @ NCSU

General Info

The Zanno Lab is part of the Paleobiology and Forensic Anthropology Research Group at North Carolina State University and works with undergraduate students enrolled in the Paleobiology Minor and graduate students in Biology

Postdoctoral researchers are jointly appointed at North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and North Carolina State University.


Graduate students are considered resident graduate students at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and are accepted through the Biology Graduate Program at North Carolina State University

Undergraduates interested in pursuing research with us should first enroll in the Paleobiology Minor at NCSU.


BIO325  Paleontological Field Methods (offered biannually in the summer session)

A combination lecture/lab course with a two-week field intensive digging dinosaurs in the American West.  Open to students outside NCSU. Contact for information on enrollment.


BIO495/595 Archosaurian Anatomy (offered biannually in the spring semester)

A deep dive into the anatomy of living and extinct archosaurs (crocodiles, dinosaurs [incl. birds, their ancestors and descendants])

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