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Info for Prospective Students

I accept students interested in completing MS and PhD degrees in vertebrate paleontology.  Students are expected to have demonstrated research experience, with a preference placed on research experience in some aspect paleontology or evolutionary biology.  If you are an advanced undergraduate student intending to apply to graduate programs in paleontology for a MS degree, I recommend pursuing research opportunities with faculty before applying to graduate programs.  The Zanno Lab generally accepts doctoral students who have already completed a Master's Degree, have a demonstrated publication record, and outstanding references.

What you need to do: Students interested in pursuing a degree in the Zanno Lab should email a copy of their c.v., the names of three references, and a paragraph describing their research interests to before filling out the application for graduate acceptance on the NCSU website.  If you appear to be a good fit for the lab I will arrange a phone call with you and encourage you to submit a formal application.  Be aware that the graduate program at NCSU requires a minimum 3.0 GPA for acceptance.

Timeline: I generally get serious about reviewing graduate applicants in December and invite students to visit the lab in the spring semester. Students who have contacted me in the preceding summer or early in the fall semester are may not hear back until late in the year as I am often in the field through the summer and fall.

Expectations: Incoming students that have not already applied for or received a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship are expected to do so within the first year of graduate work.

Info for Prospective Postdocs

The Zanno Lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences is an outstanding venue for broadening your research and science communication and experience. Prospective postdoctoral researchers should contact me to arrange a phone conversation well prior to graduation.  Be prepared to outline a postdoctoral project in writing. Prospective postdoctoral researchers should plan on applying to the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship program in Biology (November annually) or Earth Sciences (July annually).


The Zanno Lab also has a rotating, 2-year postdoctoral position - the Brimley Research Scholar - open to applicants during alternating years. The Brimley Scholar is a joint employee of NCSU's Department of Biological Sciences and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

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